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Law Firm Marketing Case Study


The challenge: Perform a Google Ads account audit and lower CPL, increase phone calls and lead form fills.

Introduction: I successfully reduced the cost per conversion for an award-winning personal injury law firm in Los Angeles by 60% within 4 months through optimization of their Google Ads account.



My Strategy

  1. Closely monitored search term reports and audience insights to narrow down junk traffic.
  2. Rewrote all ad copies, and adopted a humanized approach to demonstrate the law firm’s experiences and success cases. 
  3. Showed empathy for injury victims in ad text copywriting and  the potential benefits if they hire this law firm.
  4. Added strong call-to-actions (CTAs) in ad headlines, text and extensions.
  5. Added extensions to dominate more online real estate. 
  6. Tested various bid strategies to find the proven best bidding model.
  7. Pulled ideal keywords research and monitored keywords’ performance weekly to pause underperforming keywords .